What We Do

Using Permaculture design techniques, we build fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens that produce high yields yet require low maintenance as well as improve the quality of the soil over time without tilling or fertilizer.

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Here at Efficient Garden Design, we utilize many different techniques to make your garden more productive and less time consuming. Our gardens require a fraction of the labor that traditional gardens demand.

The most important thing a gardener can grow is SOIL. Our garden designs will build your soil year after year. Each year your soil will be improved without tilling or adding fertilizer, even after growing crops in it.

Our design methods decrease the amount of labor you will have to put into your garden. This means more time will be spent enjoying your garden.

Our garden designs maximize water naturally. We also have experience designing and installing drip irrigation lines that can be automated, saving water and time.

We are also familiar with organic farming methods that reduce problems with pests. You can keep your garden completely chemical and pesticide free. We also can recommend organic and environmentally safe treatments if pests ever do become a problem.

There are so many ways to make your fruit and vegetable gardens more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. Call today for more information and start enjoying the fruits of almost no labor!

Serving Oklahoma and surrounding states. Call Today!

580 541 0890


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